FAU-G APK 1.0 Beta is fake as the devs are yet to announce a release date


There’s absolutely no denying how mobile gaming has seen a massive increase in India. There’s a real need for quality games to the stage, together with studios competing for market supremacy. NCore Games and FAU-G are seeking to swoop in and set the studio for a force to reckoned with.

Players are ready to get their hands on FAU-G and encounter exactly what the Indian programmers have in store for them. But, there are many malicious sites and YouTube stations which seem to capitalize on the FAU-G tide and fool users into downloading malicious files.

Many websites are claiming to get early access to the Beta FAU-G and therefore are duping users into downloading malicious files. The sport is still in evolution since it was only recently announced.

In accordance with Gondal, the game is expected to start in October 2020.

This usually means that the sport remains off, and any website claiming to supply the Beta edition of FAU-G is fraudulent and poses a safety risk.

FAU-G has been promoted as a sport that works to teach the younger generations about the battles and sacrifices of the Indian Army. As stated by the programmers and Akshay Kumar, 20 percent of this game’s profit will probably be towards the Bharat Ke Veer trust.

For gamers keen to find out more about FAU-G, stick around and expect that nCore games release more info quite soon.

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